Sunday, June 30, 2013

House Wren Nestlings Make Their Appearance

One of the pleasures this spring has been watching two house wrens set up house in the backyard. 
The last several days I had been hearing nestlings crying in the nest box.  I peeked in once or twice but could not see the babies amongst all the twigs in the box.  I wondered how long it would take until they appeared.  I would watch the parent birds bringing food to the nest box, and taking away refuse, but still did not catch a glimpse of the babies.
That all changed a few days ago.  I saw a stick or two move ever so slightly in the entrance.  Then I saw the shadow of a small bird, then a beak poked out.  Finally yesterday I saw one, then two heads, poke out!

house wrens in box

Then this morning everything changed again.  The nestlings were feeding from their parents at the nest entrance.

house wren nestlings feed

It was funny to watch them.  The nestlings seemed to have happy faces immediately after feeding....

house wren nestlings and parent

It only took a split second after the parent bird left before they began their begging again! 

house wren nestlings cry for parent

How many babies in all?  I first saw two, then three.  That is what I decided on, until I saw this scene:

four house wren nestlings

Four house wren babies!
Enjoy the day -

Monday, June 24, 2013

Spring roundup: Top feeder bird, Rose Breasted Grosbeak

I have been going through my spring pictures.  The impression I'm left with confirmed the impression I already had.  Other than the ever present house sparrows, the bird that dominated the seed feeder in the spring was none other than the rose breasted grosbeak.

rose breasted grosbeak male

I saw the first male May 12.  That's him on the left.

rose breasted grosbeak with mourning dove

On June 3 I saw the first female in the yard.

rose breasted grosbeak female on feeder

On June 9, I had the pleasure of seeing both the male and female on the feeder together.  I found the one bird that could scare the male rose breasted grosbeak from the feeder was the female rose breasted grosbeak!

rose breasted grosbeaks male and female on feeder

I continued to see the female, and also at least one other male.  I wasn't able to get a picture of both the males together, probably because every time they came together they scared each other off.

rose breasted grosbeaks on feeder male and female two

I didn't get many opportunities to take pictures of them perched in trees.  The only one that I did see perched in one of my favorite bird trees was the female.  That was one of the last looks I got of her.

rose breasted grosbeak female in tree

I very rarely hear the rose breasted grosbeak singing in the yard.  I know they are nesting close by, in the woods some place, but I have no idea where.  It would be nice to have more of a glimpse into their lives than the time they spend eating bird seed, but for now that is what I am settling for.

Enjoy the day -