Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Black and White Warbler

Wrapping up recent migration visitors to the yard.  The last of the warblers was this one, Black and White Warbler.  One day I spied her creeping along a branch of the pignut hickory tree.

I believe her to be a female, the mature adult male is more heavily marked on the face and neck with black.

black and white warbler

Here is one picture of her right out of the camera.  You can barely see her against the bark of the tree.  She's under the green leaves on the left hand fork of the trunk.  Easy to miss!

where is the bird

Luckily these birds have a distinctive song, "teesi teesi teesi".  Helped me this day in finding this bird.  I don't know if there was also a male in the tree, I didn't see him, or if both males and females sing.

black and white hiding

I remember when I first learned this bird, I learned the song before ever seeing the bird.  That first day I heard several of them singing in the trees, I couldn't find even one of them.

That's because I didn't know what I needed to know - these birds creep along tree trunks and branches, and look similar to a nuthatch.   I was looking for them perched on a branch in the leaves.

Now I know!

black and white upside down

They're pretty funny to watch.  They go up, down, and sideways.  Once you pick them out you can watch them for a while, they tend to wander around a tree for quite some time.

black and white into the light

This was the last look I caught of her, heading onto the backside of the tree.  A fun bird!  Black and Whites do breed in this area, but I have never noticed them around the yard except during migration time.  I'll continue to watch for them in summer to see if they actually breed nearby.

Enjoy the day - Cheerily

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