Bird List

spring birds on feeder

These are the birds I've seen in the yard since I began keeping records a few years back.

The number of species is 71 and counting!
Species On this Blog? Flyover?
American Crow No
American Goldfinch Yes  
American Redstart Yes  
American Robin Yes  
American Tree Sparrow Yes  
Baltimore Oriole Yes  
Black-and-white Warbler No
Black-capped Chickadee No
Blackpoll Warbler Yes  
Black-throated Blue Warbler Yes  
Black-throated Green Warbler Yes  
Blue Jay Yes  
Blue-headed Vireo Yes  
Brown Thrasher Yes  
Brown-headed Cowbird No
Canada Goose No Flyover
Cape May Warbler Yes  
Carolina Wren No
Cedar Waxwing Yes  
Chimney Swift No Flyover
Chipping Sparrow Yes  
Common Grackle Yes  
Common Yellowthroat No
Common Redpoll No
Cooper's Hawk No
Dark-eyed Junco Yes  
Downy Woodpecker No
Eastern Bluebird No
Eastern Kingbird Yes  
Eastern Phoebe Yes  
Eastern Towhee No
Eastern Wood-Pewee Yes  
European Starling No
Field Sparrow Yes  
Fox Sparrow Yes  
Golden-crowned Kinglet No
Gray Catbird No
Great Crested Flycatcher Yes  
Hairy Woodpecker No
Hermit Thrush No
House Finch No
House Sparrow Yes  
House Wren Yes  
Magnolia Warbler Yes  
Mourning Dove Yes  
Nashville Warbler No
Northern Cardinal Yes  
Northern Flicker Yes  
Northern Mockingbird Yes  
Northern Parula Yes  
Purple Finch No
Red-bellied Woodpecker No
Red-breasted Nuthatch No
Red-eyed Vireo Yes  
Red-tailed Hawk No
Red-winged Blackbird No
Rock Pigeon No
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Yes  
Ruby-crowned Kinglet No
Ruby-throated Hummingbird Yes  
Scarlet Tanager Yes  
Song Sparrow No
Tufted Titmouse Yes  
Turkey Vulture No Flyover
White-breasted Nuthatch No
White-throated Sparrow Yes  
Wild Turkey Yes  
Wood Thrush Yes  
Yellow Warbler No
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Yes  
Yellow-rumped Warbler No  

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